Dental Care Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether your teeth are the wrong shape, crooked, stained, or chipped, our cosmetic dentists can treat your teeth with minimal methods using the latest techniques and the finest porcelain materials.


Preventative Care

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Efficient preventative care is key to having a healthy smile. Consistent checkups will allow our team to diagnose oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay before they spread and become a problem.  Lynn, our Hygienist, will educate you and empower you to state of great oral health.  Lynn and each patient forms a plan to keep healthy gums and smiling teeth for many years to come.


Teeth Whitening with GLO Whitening


Teeth can become stained from the foods we eat and drink. A great way to bring back the brilliance and radiance of your smile is with Teeth Whitening treatments. In-office bleach treatments and at-home whitening custom trays are available options. Teeth whitening is done in-office in an hour and teeth whiten instantly 3-5 shades!